Crunge delar ut tidiga klappar och skickade en hälsning från dem alla till er alla!

Stockholm based Hard Rock outfit Crunge are back with new songs, a new line-up and a new surge of energy!

Following the releases of the EP “Throwdown” (2012) and the full-length debut album “Hostile Grounds” (2015) and recently the one-off single “Chasing Down A Ghost” (2016) the band had expanded its roster and, perhaps, lost their way somewhat before deciding to slow things down, take a step back and figure out where to go next.

Now officially a trio, Crunge consists of frontman, singer and guitarist Mathias Blomster, drummer Richard Bång and bass player Basse Blyberg. The old but very truthful saying less is more is definitely a good description of the strategy used by Crunge going forward.

But don’t expect too much of a departure from the heavy beating, solid riff-laden, catchy hook-sprinkled rock that we’ve come to expect from Crunge. Within the next few months the band will release a handful of songs crafted with the same passion and precision that has become their key signature. Heavy but accessible, simple but effective and primarily, real damn good music!

The first of three upcoming singles will be the track “The Day I Came Alive” due to be released October 27th. 



Foto av Access: Rocks egna Hannola och Dave