Brittiska thrashbandet Onslaught släpper sitt nya hittills namnlösa album den 13 september via AFM Records. Albumet kommer att spelas in tillsammans med producenten Jacob Hansen i Danmark.

Bandets gitarrist Nige Rockett kommenterar, ”It’s awesome to be making another album with Jacob Hansen. There was never gonna be anyone else considered, simply because of the way Jacob works on a personal level and the incredible dynamics of his final mixes. We just know it’s gonna be totally immense.

The writing is 90% complete and it’s sounding very, very cool. I’m not gonna say it’s ’louder, faster, heavier’ than anything we’ve ever done because that’s a little bit cliché these days. All I will say is that it’s very fresh, it’s old school and it’s ferocious. The rest we’ll leave up to you guys to decide.”