Tyska power metalbandet Running Wild släpper sitt nya album Resilient den 7 oktober via Steamhammer/SPV.

Bandets frontman Rolf ”Rock’n’Rolf” Kasparek kommenterar, ”I really love working at the moment and am currently getting down to business on the overdubs. I can hardly wait to present the new material to the many Running Wild fans worldwide.”

Enligt ett pressmeddelande, ”Fans can look forward to a total of twelve brand-new numbers, ten of which will feature on the regular CD, and twelve on the limited edition. The album’s opener will be called Soldiers Of Fortune, and the title track, The Drift and Run Riot will be three typical Running Wild numbers. The most outstanding song on the album, however, will be called Bloody Island, with almost ten minutes playing time one of the longest tracks in Running Wild’s career to date.”