Tech-metalbandet Circles från Australien har inte bara släppt en video till låten Another Me utan är dessutom generösa nog att låta dig ladda ner den gratis. Låten kommer från bandets debutalbum som släpps under 2013 via Basick Records.

Bandets trummis Dave Hunter som även har regisserat videon kommenterar, This video was a different experience for us, being that we hadn’t tackled a storyline element before.
The story came from an idea for a short film I was working on a few years back. After some tweaking with the guys, it all fell into place quite nicely. Especially with the lyrical content of the song.

In true Circles form everything was produced in house. I filmed and edited the video (except for the shots of me actually playing) and Ted recorded/mixed and mastered the track, as he will be doing for the album. We even got a good friend of ours to make the masks from scratch.

Gratis är gott så klicka HÄR.