Igår, måndagen den 5 november, dagen före valet i USA släppte Aerosmith sitt nya album Music From Another Dimension! via Columbine Records. Aerosmith uppmanade sina fans att rösta och bjöd på en livespelning utanför 1325 Commmonwealth Avenue, Boston där allt började för ungefär 40 år sedan.

Detta är vad medlemmarna själva har sagt inför spelningen;
Steven Tyler: ”To be living the dream in Aerosmith for all these years is beyond humbling. But to return to where the dream was dreamt, is the dream come true full circle! To be honored at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue to shut down the street, invite all our friends, receive a plaque from the Mayor of Boston and put our hands in cement…just think it could have been our feet! It’s the end and the beginning of a life long dream…dream on!”

Joe Perry: ”Almost by luck and circumstance the band started here but I would have to say in hindsight after spending time in countless other cities around the world from Abu Dhabi to London, England, I still would have picked Boston to be the cradle of this band. It’s still my home!”

Tom Hamilton: ”When I was a teenager living way out in the country, I dreamed about moving to Boston and being in a band. Two months after graduating from high school I found myself living in this apartment with my bandmates. I drive past it every day and the dream is still with me.”

Brad Whitford: ”So many songs came to life at 1325 Commonwealth Ave. It will always be close to our hearts and souls. It is a true honor to have this historic plaque placed for people to enjoy and embrace the early days of this incredible journey — rock on!”

Joey Kramer: ”The dream I had as a kid to play music still burns brightly in my heart. It was at 1325 Commonwealth Ave. that my dream began to come true. I will always hold that memory very dear to me as I will the City of Boston, the place I called home for 40 years and the birthplace of Aerosmith.”

OBS: Spelningen börjar inte förrän cirka 38 minuter in i klippet.