Svenska Septekh släpper sitt nya album Plan For World Domination den 2 maj via Abyss Records.

Bandet kommenterar: ”We are extremely proud to finally be able to share this sprawling twisted creation.

”This is the Plan, everything that came before were mere stepping stones. This is the full grown aural beast of Septekh.”

Låtlista Plan For World Domination:
1. Into The Void Of My Mind
2. Goin Down In Style
3. Saving Graces
4. Neanderthal
5. Don Asshole
6. Left Handed Man
7. Black Shores
8. The Man Who Died A Million Times
9. Superheated Liquid Iron Core
10. Eyes Of The Grave
11. Fuck Dollar
12. Desdaemonia
13. Plan For World Domination