Brazilianska Sepultura släpper sitt nya album The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart den 28 oktober via Nuclear Blast Records. Albumet är inspelat tillsammans med producenten Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot).

Låtlista The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart:
1. Trauma Of War
2. The Vatican
3. Impending Doom
4. Manipulation of Tragedy
5. Tsunami
6. The Bliss Of Ignorants
7. Grief
8. The Age Of The Atheist
9. Obsessed
10. Da Lama Ao Caos (Chico Science & Nação Zumbi cover)

Bandet har tagit inspiration från Fritz Lang’s klassiska film Metropolis från 1927. Till skillnad från föregående albumen (Dante XXI och A-Lex) kommer The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart inte att vara ett konceptalbum. Den kommer dock innehålla nio låtar och spelades in under 40 dagar.

Bandets gitarrist Andreas Kisser kommenterar, ”I was inspired by a phrase which is the main message of the story: ’The mediator between the head and hands must be the heart’ to express what we are saying on the lyrics.

”In the movie, a crazy millionaire wants to transform a robot into a real person. That’s kind of the opposite of what we live today. More than ever we are robotized, through the worldwide web, Google glasses, chips under our skins and the globalized slavery our society suffers nowadays. The phrase points to the heart as being the human factor who keeps a man, a man, not a robot. The heart beats with freedom of choice, we have to think by ourselves to create a real world, not a matrix. ?

”Being a novel written in the early 1920s, it’s almost prophetical. It helped us to put the ideas together for the lyrics to express what we see today.

”I live in São Paulo, Brasil, one of the big metropolis in the world with more than 20,000,000 people living and working in it. I know how it is to live in daily chaos, our music reflects a lot of that feeling.

”The album is brutal, fast and straight to the point, I feel this is the best Sepultura ever, no bullshit.

”To work with Ross Robinson again was a privilege, one of the best producers out there. He has a strong connection with nature, the human heart, with life in general.

”We did an album that is alive, no fake studio tricks, we were jamming together in the room exploding in an energy so strong you could grab it.

”The heart will never stop beating for mankind. We are no robots, we are pure natural energy and that’s worth fighting for. We’re not slaves; I have a pulsing heart!”