Skid Row äntrar studion den 2 februari för att påbörja inspelningen av United World Rebellion – Chapter Two, nummer två i en serie av tre. EP:n följer upp United World Rebellion – Chapter One från förra året.

Basisten Rachel Bolan har kommenterat varför bandet släpper en serie EP:n istället för ett album: ”The reason we’re doing it is because we wanted to try something different and try a different angle.

”We’re old school and we’ve always put out a full-length and then toured for a year and a half or whatever.

”Technology moves so fast and information overload kinda rules the day, so we went, ’Why don’t we put together seven songs and put out three chapters over the next two years?’ Snake [guitarist Dave Sabo] and I were talking about it and when we told the rest of the band they were into it and our label loved it.

”The main reason is to put out some new music and tour after that and then more new music and tour after that. Keep everything fresh. And then another reason was the economic factor. It’s a lot easier for a Skid Row fan to put down 6 dollars instead of having to shell out 17 for a full-length. I think some people are still not sure about it, because it is a different way of doing things, but we just did it because we thought it would be a cool idea to have a concept.

”It was seven years between Revolutions Per Minute and United World Rebellion because we toured so much, and honestly, one night, I forget who said it, it was Scotti [Hill, guitar] or Snake, ’Man, we haven’t put out new music in a really long time.’ And we were, like, ’Nah, it’s been like two or three years.’ We started thinking and it was, like, ’No, it’s been like seven years.’ [laughs]

”From a songwriter’s standpoint, it’s a lot less pressure. It keeps your chops up as a songwriter and there’s always something for the band to do; there’s never really any down time. Between writing, recording and touring, for this whole year, we’ve probably only taken two weeks completely off.”