Svenska death metalbandet Skineater släpper sitt debutalbum Dermal Harvest den 28 januari via Pulverised Records.

Pressmeddelande: ”Dermal Harvest showcases some of the most resilient veterans in the Swedish extreme scene, with past and present members from WombbathIn Thy DreamsDark FuneralCarnal ForgeDefleshed, etc. The end result is an unstoppable skin-butcher unit literally flaying everything in its path! Never has death metal extremity been so well brewed with melodic darkness in a long time.”

Låtlista Dermal Harvest:
1. He Was Murdered
2. Dismantling
3. Your Life Is Mine
4. Made Of Godsick
5. Through The Empire
6. Stab
7. Drifting
8. Thousand Dead Faces
9. Bring Them
10. Solitude Discord