Sonic Syndicate har äntrat Bohus Sound studios i Kungälv tillsammans med producenten Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Mustasch) för att spela in sitt fjärde album som släpps under sommaren via Nuclear Blast.

Bandets gitarrist Robin Sjunnesson kommenterar: ”We’ve been writing songs for over a year now and it just feels sick to start laying these bad boys down.

”This album is feeling kind of dark, heavy and melodic which fits perfect with the January weather here in Scandinavia.

”We have Roberto Laghi sitting here in the driver’s seat.

”Everything just feels perfect this time around.

”We’ve worked with Roberto in the past and have become good friends over the years, so this time around he’ll be producing the album as well as mixing, which he’s done with the last two albums.

”We have a few guests popping into the studio over the next two months, and for those who are interested, we’ll be posting updates via all our social networks starting today, so join in the madness and hash tag our asses.”