Stone Sour släpper sin nya EP Straight Outta Burbank, som består av covers, under oktober/november. EP:n innehåller covers på band som Bad Brains, The Rolling Stones, Slayer, Mötley Crüe och Iron Maiden. Även ett gästframträdande av Lzzy Hale från Halestorm.

Bandets frontman Corey Taylor kommenterar EP:n: ”It’s done, it’s mixed. We’ve got the album artwork all together. [It’s] looking to come out either October [or] November. So that’s where that’s at. And it’s awesome. It’s really, really, really good.

”We’re actually more into this one than we are [Stone Sour’s first covers EP, Meanwhile In Burbank…]. And that’s nothing against the first one; the first one’s super solid. This one, man, is so diverse, but it all feels really, really good. We’re really stoked about it. We’re doing everything from The Stones to Slayer. Like, it is on. It is so on, it’s not even funny.”