Amerikanska thrash-punkbandet Suicidal Tendencies släpper sitt nya album 13 den 26:e mars.
Här under kan du se en teaser till deras kommande video Cyco Style.

Bandets frontman Mike Muir kommenterar nya albumet, ”We want it to sound awesome 25 years from now, so when a kid who wasn’t even born when we made it listens to it, he’s like, ’Damn, that’s a cool record!’ I just had a guy from a radio station tell me that some listeners have been requesting the new song Institutionalized. The young listeners don’t realize that’s an old song! Something like (Metallica’s recent Orion Music + More festival) is good for us, too, because a lot of people who wouldn’t have listened to us will check us out because they know Robert (TrujilloMetallica bassist) was in the band.”