Franska death/black-metalbandet Svart Crown släpper sitt nya album Profane den 22 april via Listenable Records.

Enligt ett pressmeddelande, ”The band has been willing to break the genre boundaries enhancing lethal grooves in a sadistic manner that won’t leave any listener in a safe and comfy world. The main theme of the album is full-introspection about humanity sickness and Svart Crown deliver the soundtrack of a bleak world that has already ended to their eyes with this album.”

Låtlista Profane:
1. Manifestatio Symptoms
2. Genesis Architect
3. Intern . Virus . Human
4. In Utero: A Place Of Hatred And Threat
5. Until The Last Breath
6. Profane
7. The Therapy Of Flesh
8. Venomous Ritual
9. Ascetic Purification
10. Revelatio: Down Here Stillborn