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Helsingborgbandet Black Temple släpper sitt debutalbum It All Ends 28 augusti via Razzia Notes, Anders Fridéns (In Flames) egna bolag, som samarbetar med Century Media.

Fridén kommenterar Black Temple: ”First time I heard Black Temple, I freaked and I said to myself, ’I gotta work with these guys somehow.’ The whole expression of their music is a perfect introduction to Razzia Notes and our new collaboration with Century Media.

”Do yourself a favor and get a copy of It All Ends. It’s a monster of an album.”

Bandets sångre/bassist Jonas kommenterar: ”To become labelmates with three of my favorite bands at the same time is a bit like a wet dream… I mean, c’mon — Dark Funeral, Marduk and Watain… And this is just the top layer, in my opinion, of what this behemoth of a label has released through the years. Simply — such a great honor!”

Black Temple agerar förband åt In Flames under deras Europaturné och förband åt The Sword i Skandinavien.

Redaktionens egna Madman har bevittnat Black Temples energirika spelningar ett par gånger och ger tummen upp.