70-talsrockarna The Gloria Story från Skövde släpper sitt nya album Born To Lose den 5 april.

Bandet meddelar via sin Facebooksida:

”OK – let’s celebrate this Friday by telling you all that…
THE NEW ALBUM – BORN TO LOSE – IS TO BE RELEASED, APRIL 5! It looks like this! It features 12 brand new songs. Titles include Traveling Mind, Born to Lose, Fire won’t Fade, See you tomorrow, Sex is in the house and more. You will find it heavier, dirtier, sexier, faster, and more garage-oriented than we have ever sounded before. Still fun and easy going rock offcourse, but with a darker twist. We had no outside producers or songwriters. No expensive studios. Just pure BALLS TO THE WALLS rock and roll! It’s like taking our live show and putting it on record. It’s like pouring our hearts and souls into the black vinyl. It’s 70’s rock re-born and re-grooved. Can’t wait to play you this one, and to bring the songs on TOUR!”


Senast släppte The Gloria Story singeln Where The Wind Blows Cold, alla intäkterna gick till Världens barn: