The Haunted släpper en singel med tre låtar kallad Eye Of The Storm, den 20 januari via Century Media Records.

Singeln markerar debuten för The Haunted’s nya lineup, som är Patrik Jensen på gitarr, Jonas Björler på bas, Marco Aro på sång och Adrian Erlandsson på trummor samt den nya gitarristen Ola Englund.

Patrik Jensen kommenterar: ”There aren’t superlatives enough to describe how much the band has longed for these three songs to be released.

”We are sure fans have been anxious to know what the band sounds like today after all the turmoil and old members leaving and new members joining.

”We feel that these three songs represent the band perfectly.

”We are currently working on the new album, an album that will be filled to the brim with what we know to be The Haunted.

”We’ll start doing gigs this spring and we’ll do festivals all over the place this summer.

”Get in touch with the festivals you visit (and behave like an animal at) and tell them to get us on the bill!

The Haunted is back.

”Play it loud. No. Louder.”