Is it not just a little bit too convenient that The Pope, Benedictus XVI, decides to ”leave” his post in these times? The Leader of the Catholic Church is allowed to die at his post and Benedictus XVI has been a pope for less than eight years.

Explain these things:

As reported in the press world wide the new Pope will be revealed just before Easter. It just so happen to be that Ghost has their last show in Europe (Norway) on the 29th of March, they have the whole Easter weekend free and two weeks until they start the North American tour on April 14th at Coachella Festival.

We have not gotten an exact date for the release of their INFESTISSUMAM (HOSTILE translated ed.) but what better than to release it as Papa take the seat as the new Pope?

Nick Raskulinecz, the world famous producer may have produced some of the world’s best albums (se highlights HERE) and he did produced the album INFESTISSUMAM in Nashville, Tennessee. Nick says he is born in Tennessee but the name Raskulinecz does not sound like your typical American name? Is it all just a genius way of throwing a SECULAR HAZE over the taking of power, a plan made a long time ago in central Europe? Has the Raskulinecz family worked for generations just to give this cover of  ”record recording in America” and has Tennessee the world’s biggest Satanic church?

The change of name to Ghost B.C. in The United States is said to have something to do with legal mumbo jumbo but is it not short for Ghost Benedictus Casus?!

And biggest proof of Papa Emeritus ll (as he recently replaced Papa Emeritus I) being the new Pope  is the words of Benedictus XVI himself as he gave notice to GOD through the mighty Twitter (you know birds twitter South of Heaven?!) wrote:


I don’t see him mentioning which God… Are we looking at Year Zero? 


Already they have released I’m A Marionette, the cover of the ABBA song that was a B-side for Take A Chance On Me – which backwards spell out Em No Ecnahc A Ekat (means absolutely nothing but it could have meant something)! The Ghost version of I’m A Marionette is on the b-side of Secular Haze and is produced by Dave Grohl, a man so talented he must have sold his soul a long time ago. Coincidence? Was the whole Grunge-thing (NIRVANA) the first try at world domination?


Still not seing the pattern here? The last song on Ghost’s second record is: Monstrance Clock, can you see the clock in the photo below?! 


Lightning striking the St. Peter’s Basilica. Foto: ALESSANDRO DI MEO/EPA/ANSA


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