Det svenska metalbandet The Unguided släpper sin nya EP InvaZion den 21 december.

Bandets sångare Richard Sjunnesson (ex-Sonic Syndicate) kommenterar, ”The songs featured on this EP are entitled Singularity and Eye Of The ThylacineSingularity is a direct follow-up to Where The Frost Rose Withers and very tied to the InvaZion cover artwork. Eye Of The Thylacine is thematically dealing with the machines’ perspective of the events happening in this unguided world. I guess the answers will come once you read the lyrics to both of these songs. The none-mechanical characters on the illustration are supposed to portray the 616 army. Same characters as the Nightmareland artwork, as a matter of fact, but instead of making them more in numbers, I and Kuang said we portray the growth by making them look more evolved. Let’s face it; you are slightly more than 616 fans nowadays, hehe. But by evolving the characters to the next level, we could make them look more powerful and still keep the number down. Low in quantity, high on quality, that was the idea! The original ideas with these machines, the 616 are waging war against, are a subjective take on the music business. This EP is connected with the second album of a trilogy. A trilogy with bearing story that imbues and runs through all three albums. The organic vs. mechanic battle, felt like a good metaphor to lock in how the business is looking today. I’ve also reintroduced the fallen angels in these coming songs and they will have a key role in the coming two albums. Hell Frost was just the awakening, now it’s time to get down to business.

Låtlista InvaZion:
1. Singularity
2. Eye Of The Thylacine