Svenska återförenade hårdrocksbandet Transport League släpper sitt nya album Boogie From Hell den 20 maj digitalt via Hoffa Entertainment.

Bandet kommenterar, ”Transport League was the band who invented the phrase ’boogie from hell,’ well known and well heard on the two first albums, Stallion Showcase (1995) and Superevil (1997). Just listen to tracks such as Cosmical Satanical and Lost In The Desert Of Habib and you will understand what we are talking about.

Transport League no doubt paved the way for such artists as Volbeat and Mustach, drawing from many sources to create a new format for heavy guitar-driven groovy rock.”

Ett releaseparty kommer att äga rum fredagen den 24 maj på Sticky Fingers i Göteborg.

Låtlista Boogie From Hell:
1. Swing Satanic Swing
2. Electric Wolf
3. Hi-Octane Slave
4. Demon Apparatus
5. Barabbas Venomous
6. A Pork Named Jack
7. Blood Inn
8. Doctor Demon
9. Holy Mother Fucker
10. Speedhead
11. Bitter Sand
12. King Of Doom
13. Fight Back
14. Snake Infested Swamp