Triviums basist Paolo Gregoletto har sagt att bandets nya album kommer bli producerat av Disturbed/Device frontman David Draiman i Texas.

Bandets frontman Matt Heafy har tidigare kommenterat skrivprocessen av nya albumet, han sade, ”I can tell you we do have a title, we do have songtitles, we do have 20 to 25 songs demoed, we do have a producer, we do have a location, we do have an artist. Everything is set up — all the visuals and everything — but it’s all secret. Hopefully it comes out the third quarter of next year. We’re recording in January, February and March in Austin, Texas; that’s all I can say (about) that. It’s gonna be great; it’s gonna be really, really great. It’s too difficult to describe in metal adjectives, like ’heavy,’ ’brutal,’ melodic,’ all this stuff, like every band does. Also, the classic phrase: ’our best album ever.’ I can say that with In Waves, it was finally an album that all the fans of the previous four… We’ve got very divided fans: ’I just like Ember.’ ’I just like Crusade.’ ’I just like Ascendancy.’ ’I just like Shogun.’ Everyone could agree on In Waves. And simultaneously, everywhere in the world, In Waves received the biggest reaction. With the next record, people can expect the best parts of everything we’ve ever done across all five records on one.”

Eftersom unge Herr Heafy nämnde In Waves hela tre gånger så kommer den här: