Svenska Unleashed släpper sitt tolfte album, Dawn Of The Nine, den 24 april via Nuclear Blast. Omslaget är designat av Pär Olofsson (Immortal, Demonaz, Exodus).

Bandets frontman Johnny Hedlund kommenterar: “The artwork represents the continuation of our previous album, which ended with The Great Battle Of Odalheim. The battle took place at Uppsala fields in Sweden, and you can clearly see the ’kings graves’ at the cover artwork, which is present at Uppsala also in the future. You can also see the bombed out church in the far distance. Then, of course, you see the place of Blot in the front and the rune stone with the runic symbol of courage of the new dawn.”

Låtlista Dawn Of The Nine:
1. A New Day Will Rise
2. They Came To Die
3. Defenders Of Midgard
4. Where Is Your God Now?
5. The Bolt Thrower
6. Let The Hammer Fly
7. Where Churches Once Burned
8. Land Of The Thousand Lakes
9. Dawn Of The Nine
10. Welcome The Son Of Thor!