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For The Swarm finns med på Avatars nya album Feathers & Flesh, som släpps 13 maj via Another Century. Albumet produceras av Sylvia Massy (System Of A Down, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Massy kommenterar: ”Avatar is an amazing band. The singer has the wild energy and charisma I love, and the players are relentless. The album we’re making is an epic. Each song powerfully stands on its own, but is only a piece of a larger story. This album is the project I’ve been dreaming about for years!”

Låtlista Feathers & Flesh:
1. Regret
2. House of Eternal Hunt
3. The Eagle Has Landed
4. New Land
5. Tooth, Beak & Claw
6. For The Swarm
7. Fiddler’s Farewell
8. One More Hill
9. Black Waters
10. Night Never Ending
11. Pray The Sun Away
12. When The Snow Lies Red
13. Raven Wine
14. Sky Burial