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Den 27:e augusti släpper Avenged Sevenfold albumet Hail To The King. 

Sångaren M. Shadows har enligt Blabbermouth beskrivit tanken inför den nya skivan för Kerrang på detta sätt: ”For the last few records, people have asked what we were listening to — and it’s always been the same records, it hasn’t changed. It’s always been PANTERA,METALLICAMEGADETH and AC/DC. We feel that metal dropped off after the ’90s in terms of production and songwriting. Metal music isn’t at the forefront as much as it used to be. We wanted to write a record that was highly influenced by the early ’90s records and mid-’80s records we grew up on. Then we went back even further and were influenced by [BLACKSABBATH and LED ZEPPELIN. We studied those records, looked at what they were doing and how they were doing it. A lot of them came out of the blues, so we studied the blues and classical music. We just wanted to write a record that was different.”

Den 8:e november spelar A7x på Hovet tillsammans med Five Finger Death Punch och du hittar biljetter HÄR.