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Buckcherry har släppt en video till Dreamin Of You. Låten finns med på bandets sjätte album Confessions som släpptes förra året.

Josh Todd kommenterar: ”I grew up in Orange County, California, and before I got into music, when I was super young, I would surf every day and I wanted to be a pro surfer. So I spent a lot of time at the ocean, sitting on the beach thinking and I had a lot of things in my head that came from just sitting and looking out at the ocean.

”It’s always been something very peaceful for me and that’s what I wanted to capture in the song. I just felt like it fit the song. So to go down there and have a nice time and sit by the campfire and sing a song, that’s what Dreamin kind of feels like to me. So that’s why we did it. It was something really simple and cool.”