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Crucified Barbara_AccessRock_Madman_KB_10

Lunatic #1 finns med på Crucified Barbaras senaste album In The Red, som släpptes förra året via Despotz Records.

Bandets frontkvinna Mia Coldheart kommenterar låten: ”This is one of our favorite tracks on the album. It’s fun and powerful to play live and brings energy to the crowd! The lyrics are about being in a team with someone special and together you become unstoppable — invincible!

Lunatic is named after one of the best show jumping horses in Sweden. I met his rider, Jens Fredricson, two years ago and he talked about how much you need to work and dedicate time to reach your goals and the top, and the inspiring meeting with him gave me the final strength and inspiration I needed to give 110% to finish the In The Red album. I thought the name of his best team player would be perfect to name this song. Together, all of us in the band made our best album so far.”