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I am I

Före detta Dragonforce-sångaren ZP Theart’s band I Am I har släppt en video till See You Again. Låten släpps som singel den 11 november.

ZP Theart kommenterar, ”See You Again is our take on something that’s been missing from the rock scene for some considerable time now — a proper rock ballad.

”Releasing a ballad as a single is probably not what most people would expect from us, but that’s exactly why we have gone ahead and done it!

Since the dawn of mankind, we have longed for a lost loved one once they left this consciousness, knowing after life we will all meet up again in some way. The intent of this song is to take the edge off the waiting game. You may be gone, but while I’m here I’ll remember you, and when it’s time, I will see you again.”