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Hug You Hardcore finns med på Lordis nya album Monstereophonic: Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy, som släpps 16 september via AFM Records.

Bandets frontman Mr. Lordi kommenterar albumet: ”We are trying to do something different within the Lordi frame this time. It’s like a split album between ourselves.

”There’s two kinds of Lordi material on the album. The first six songs are your classic Lordi kind of stuff — three- or four-minute songs with hooky choruses and stuff; eighties-orientated hard rock, like the shit that we’re doing. That’s our main stuff. But now, the last six songs of the album is gonna be a story.

”It’s our first conceptual half an album — not a full conceptual album, but half of the album is a conceptual storyline with six songs. And musically, also, it’s a lot more modern for us; I mean, it’s nothing new in the world of music, but, for us, for Lordi, it’s completely different. It’s more metal. It’s more progressive. The songs are eight minutes long, and there are a lot of different parts. And it’s a storyline. Because I’m a huge King Diamon fan; I have always been.

”I am really fucking thrilled about the result, how it came out. It’s different for us. I know that it’s gonna be different for the Lordi diehard fans too. I don’t know for your average rock or metal fan. It’s, like, ’Eh….’ But, for us, it is really breaking new territory, definitely.”