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Pretty Maids har släppt en video till Nuclear Boomerang. Låten finns med på nya albumet Louder Than Ever, som består av nyinspelningar av gamla klassiker samt fyra nya låtar. Albumet släpps den 21 mars.

Bandets sångare Ronnie Atkins kommenterar: ”There were two main reasons for us to do this album. First of all, we wanted to keep the ball in spin and release some kind of an ’in between’ album before the next ’real’ studio album. Then we were curious to hear how some of the older songs would sound like with the band lineup we have today and in the hands of our current producer, Jacob Hansen. The original idea was actually to do a mix of both re-recorded, re-mixed, covers and new songs, but in the end decided to cut it down to what it is. We deliberately chose not to re-record some of the Eighties and early Nineties material, since it’s some kind of ’sacred,’ both to ourselves as well as the fans.”

Låtlista Louder Than Ever:
1. Deranged (ny låt)
2. Playing God
3. Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
4. My Soul To Take (ny låt)
5. He Who Never Lived
6. Virtual Brutality
7. Tortured Spirit
8. With These Eyes
9. Nuclear Boomerang (ny låt)
10. Snakes In Eden
11. Wake Up To The Real World
12. A Heart Without A Home (ny låt)