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Amerikanska Pro-Pain har släppt en video till Deathwish. Låten finns med på bandets nya album The Final Revolution som släpps den 25 november via SPV/Steamhammer.

Bandets sångare/bassist Gary Meskil kommenterar, ”The music is quite dark, and the groove and tempos are very reminiscent of the classic Pro-Pain style as opposed to our last album, Straight To The Dome, which was a bit more thrashy.

”In order to keep things interesting, I decided to take the reins and handle all of the writing duties alone this time. It’s the first Pro-Pain album since the ’90s in which I’ve written everything.”

Låtlista The Final Revolution:
1. Deathwish
2. One Shot One Kill
3. Southbound
4. Problem Reaction Solution
5. The Final Revolution
6. Can’t Stop The Pain
7. All Systems Fail
8. Want Some?
9. Fall From Grace
10. Emerge
11. Mass Extinction
12. Under The Gun
13. Life’s Hard (live 2010, bonus)
14. Get Real (live 2010, bonus)
15. Party In Paris (U.K. Subs cover, bonus)