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Battering Ram är titellåten till Saxons nya album som släpps 16 oktober via UDR Music.

Bandets frontman Biff Byford kommenterar albumet: ”This one’s a natural progression from Sacrifice. There’s a bit less rock ’n’ roll and a bit more ’heavy’ on it. We wanted to keep focused on a style rather than moving around too much.

”When I’m writing lyrics I like to switch back and forth between complex things, reality and rock’n’roll. I thought the whole folklore behind The Devil’s Footprint made it great material for a metal song, being that it’s both historic and mythical.

”With Queen of Hearts, I wanted to write something around Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, and it’s about the chess game that happens in the story. I wanted it to have prog-feeling in the way of its ambiance and mood. Then you have songs like Destroyer and Hard And Fast which are ’80s-inspired songs with that modern slant on it. I’m a big fan of Marvel comics, and I wanted to write a song around the character Destroyer, and with Hard and Fast, it’s, as the title suggests, about driving fast! I do like to tie the lyric into the song, so if it’s going to be a song about driving fast, well, it has to be a fast, hard song!”

Battering Ram producerades av Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, Accept). Byford kommenterar samarbetet: ”Yes, Andy has been in charge of everything with this album, I keep on overview of it all, but he’s done a great job and we’re both pleased with the results. We have a great partnership.

Låtlista Battering Ram:
1. Battering Ram
2. The Devil’s Footprint
3. Queen Of Hearts
4. Destroyer
5. Hard And Fast
6. Eye Of The Storm
7. Stand Your Ground
8. Top Of The World
9. To The End
10. Kingdom Of The Cross