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Suicidal Angels har släppt en video till In The Grave. Låten finns med på bandets nya album Divide And Conquer som släpps den 14 januari via NoiseArt Records.

Bandets sångare/gitarrist Nick Melissourgos kommenterar: ”We recorded again in the Prophecy & Music Factory Studios and the mix and master this time was done by Fredrik Nordström (HammerfallIn FlamesArch Enemy) at Fredman Studios. We didn’t know what to expect for the final result, but what we got is killer. He managed to combine the old-school feeling of our music with an up-to-date production of 2013. [It sounds] absolutely massive!”

Låtlista Divide And Conquer:
1. Marching Over Blood
2. Seed Of Evil
3. Divide And Conquer
4. Control The Twisted Mind
5. In The Grave
6. Terror Is My Scream
7. Pit Of Snakes
8. Kneel To The Gun
9. Lost Dignity
10. White Wizard