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The Browning har släppt en video till Fifth Kind. Låten finns med på bandets nya album Hypernova som släpptes förra månaden via Earache. Albumet spelades in tillsammans med producenten Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Impending Doom).

Bandet kommenterar: ”The message from the song we’re trying to put out is partly that we believe there is more life than just us here on earth, and that instead of forcing a religion on someone and telling them that’s what you have to follow and base your life and decisions off of, let everyone find their own way in life.

”Like our lyrics say, ’You don’t know the suffering inside me, I don’t need your light to guide me’, obviously stating you don’t know me, I don’t need your personal beliefs to influence my life. We’re just trying to promote the idea of independent thinking as opposed to being spoon-fed all your ideas and ideologies.”