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The Devil Wears Prada har släppt en video till First Sight. Låten finns med på bandets nya album 8:18 som släpptes den 17 september via Roadrunner.

Bandets sångare Mike Hranica har kommenterat videon, ”Even while our direction was a bit vague for what we wanted to do with the First Sight video, I couldn’t be more pleased with what Maria was able to come up with.

”I think our hazy vision was able to come to life with a sort of collective idea as to what inspires us in other music videos and film. It’s probable that most fans and listeners wouldn’t expect something like this from us, which is all the more exciting.”

Låtlista 8:18:
1. Gloom
2. Rumors
3. First Sight
4. War
5. 8:18
6. Sailor’s Prayer
7. Care More
8. Martyrs
9. Black & Blue
10. Transgress
11. Number Eleven
12. Home for Grave
13. In Heart