Metalcorebandet Walking With Strangers från Trollhättan meddelar idag att de lägger ner verksamheten.
Efter nästan tio år som band, två officiella släpp, spelningar på bland annat Metaltown och Hultsfredsfestivalen samt turnéer med Entombed, The Haunted, Adept m.fl så var det till slut motivationen som saknades.
Bandet kommer att genomföra turnén, där de öppnar för Bury Tomorrow, som planerat. Däremot kommer man under spelningarna i Stavanger, Aarhus och Köpenhamn tvingas framträda med en stand-in-sångare, då ordinarie sångaren Robin Schulz har studierelaterade åtaganden som ej går att kombinera med dessa datum. Vem som ersätter honom kommer att presenteras inom kort.

På sin officiella Facebook-sida har bandet gått ut med följande uttalande:

For the past year Walking with strangers have been running on fumes, we have been doing just what we had to get by as a active band.

We love being out on the road playing shows, but once we are home it’s hard to find motivation to keep this engine running. Atleast not at the level WWS deserves. Walking with strangers have been with the same line up (besides Christian that joined on bass guitar in 2010) in almost 10 years (yepp despite our ’young age’ this journey began back in 2004). And we have now come to the conclusion that in order for us as individual people to find our way back to love playing music as in everything that involves with being a band (besides playing live) we have to take a step back and just let our self find our way in life without WWS.

We don’t want to say that this is the final end of Walking with strangers, if we wake up in a year or two and feel that ”yes it’s time to write some new shit” we will do that, but we can’t make that promise today.

We would love to see everyone come and hang with us now in May! The sad news don’t end here though, a couple of days ago Robin ended up in a mess with his school, long story short they are forcing him on some final things otherwise he will not get his grades for his past 6 months in school. This collides with 3 of the shows, we have two options on these shows. Cancel them or take in a stand in, we have chosen the second option. We will release who will take his place within a few days. We can’t explain how sad we are about this, but in our point of view it’s better than cancel them at this point.

So please come out to these shows and party with us so we say thank you in person to each and every one of you who have supported us through the years!

Stavanger – https://www.facebook.com/events/330479507064714 (Stand in vocalist show)
Bergen – https://www.facebook.com/events/548417491844770
Oslo – https://www.facebook.com/events/583308221685149
Aarhus – https://www.facebook.com/events/150930665059300 (Stand in vocalist show)
Copenhagen https://www.facebook.com/events/292895294165700 (Stand in vocalist show)
Gothenburg – www.facebook.com/events/220503561419539
Stockholm – www.facebook.com/events/326341197482097

Also a special thanks to anyone who has ever worked with us:

Snapping fingers snapping necks
Panic & Acion
Silvester Deszi at Agency Group
Close up magazine
Sharkbait booking & management
Oakfield Music Group
Luke at Saviour management

+ everyone else we that we forgot to meantion here.

Då bandet av många anses vara ett av de främsta metalcorebanden i Sverige kan vi rekommendera att man inte missar den eventuellt sista chansen att se dem live. Datumen hittar du både i uttalandet och på affischen nedan.