Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13 släpper sitt femte soloalbum The Dixie Dead den 18 februari 2013.

Wednesday 13 kommenterar albumet, ”I think it’s the best CD I have ever made. It’s a great combination of everything I have done over the years. It’s heavy, it’s still catchy and singalong songs, it’s a full horror record.”

Han fortsätter, ”The album is going to look like a 1980s horror movie. It’s a special way we did it. I’m more excited about that than everything I can remember that I put out. We have some different sounds, too, that we’ve tried. There’s some really heavy stuff. Heavy for me — I don’t mean like Slayer heavy. But for me, it’s heavy. There’s a track on the record that reminds me of Black Sabbath and there’s one that reminds me of Ministry and Metallica. There are a lot of influences in there and it showcases my lineup that I have now. I didn’t play anything on the record, but vocals and keyboards. It’s the first time I haven’t played guitar on a record. I wrote everything, but I let the band play it. So to me, that definitely added something to it. I think I have a great band and my guitar player is amazing. The things he does and what he brought to the table… It’s the perfect record for me. I feel like it’s taken me 10 years to… Not that I didn’t like what I did before, but I feel like this is finally the one that we got where I wanted it to be. I’m super excited and I hope people will embrace it the same way.”

Låtlista The Dixie Dead:
1. Death Arise (intro)
2. Bloodsucker
3. Get Your Grave On
4. Curse The Living
5. Too Fast For Blood
6. Hail Ming
7. Coming Attractions
8. The Dixie Dead
9. Ghost Stories
10. Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
11. Carol Anne… They’re Here
12. Hands Of The Ripper
13. Death Arise (overture)